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Gold Standard

Gold standard

We invite you to participate in the evaluation of our service quality! Join and get 3 Eco Bonus. Your opinion counts!

The implementation and maintenance of high customer service standards – the priority of ECOLINES. We intend to share our values – experience, reliability, modernity, comfort and quality – with our clients!

Customer service is the milestone of our relationship with customers! Courtesy, competence, equality, assessment objectivity and accuracy, accountability as well as privacy – these are the basic principles of our customer service.

In 2014 ECOLINES introduced and implemented the Gold Standard for customer service that characterizes the quality of our work and attitude towards our customers providing international passenger transport!

We believe that all of our staff carries out their duties very well, but the ones who will provide the utmost work quality and outstanding performance will be annually awarded!

To join the program:

- at least 3 days before the trip fill in the necessary information;
- receive a questionnaire by e-mail;
- during a trip assess the quality of the service provided and fill in the questionnaire form;
- in 3 business days after the trip send us the questionnaire form;
- receive additional Bonus points!

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