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Conditions and regulations of passenger carriage
General conditions of luggage carriage
Travel of passengers with limited mobility and disability
Amendments to the rules of carriage of passengers for tickets purchased on the Internet
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Passenger Rights under Regulation (eu) No. 181/2011

Conditions and regulations of passenger carriage

  1. Terms used in regulations
  2. Regulations applicability
  3. Carrier’s and Passenger’s rights and obligations during the journey
  4. Ticket purchase and annulment, change of registered data
  5. Ticket cancellation
  6. Refund for unused ticket
  7. The procedure of examining claims
  8. Special regulations

1.1. Departure time – local time indicated in the ticket as the earliest possible time of departure, which is subject to change to a later time for reasons beyond Carrier’s control.

1.2. Deviations from timetable (delay) – deviation from timetable is considered to be the time which exceeds 10% of total planned trip time, but no less than 1 hour.

1.3. Discount - a reduction of price considered for certain passenger categories as well as reductions offered during some campaigns or in special cases.

1.4. Luggage – passenger’s belongings considered for personal use packed in bags and suitcases and carried by the same route in the luggage compartment and is marked by a luggage label (Cargo, see 1.10)

1.5. Ticket - an agreement between the carrier and a passenger, which provides the passenger with the right to travel only in accordance with the data indicated in the ticket (passenger’s name, surname, route line, date and time of departure).

1.6. Ticket price - the value of passenger carriage to a destination point indicated in the ticket.

1.7. Journey - movement on the route in one direction from departure point to the destination point (including change of the coach).

1.8. ECOLINES representative offices - representative offices of Carrier in Latvia (Riga, Liepaja and Daugavpils), Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas and Marijampole), Estonia (Tallinn), Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Pskov, Kaliningrad), Belarus (Minsk). Full information is available on www.ecolines.net in chapter contacts.

1.8.1. ECOLINES Carriers – the carriers, which use the registered trade mark „ECOLINES” in their activity, in Latvia – SIA „Norma-A”, in Russia – OOO „AMRON”, in Estonia – OU „ECOLINES Estonia”, in Lithuania – UAB „Transinesta”, in Poland – „ECOLINES Polska”, in Bulgaria – „ECOLINES Bulgaria”, in Belarus – TUP „AVTOBUS-TUR”, in Ukraine – OOO „Ukrainskie Linii”.

1.9. Delay - see in "Deviations from timetable".

1.10. Timetable - route schedule listing the time, the places and sequence of stops on route as well as days and time of carriage.

1.11. Route - itinerary of the line service between the certain terminal stations.

1.12. Carrier - a company who based on the order or agreement with the passenger (ticket) or on other legal base takes the obligation to carry out the transportation of the passenger.

1.13. Passenger - a person who uses a coach for journey and luggage carriage or uses other carrier’s services according to agreement (ticket) or on other legal base.

1.14. Arrival time - the time, at which the coach is scheduled to arrive at the given destination, considering the calculated time necessary to accomplish the distance taking into account the traffic regulations, road conditions and other circumstances. The indicated arrival time is the local time of the concrete region. The arrival time is subject to change for reasons beyond carrier’s control.

1.15. Bonus program - /cancelled 02.10.2017./ see Loyalty system

1.16. Valid travel documents - documents that allow crossing the internal and external borders of the country, with the expiry date which has not run out or will not run out during the journey. For details, see paragraph 3.2.2.

1.17. Open Data journey – is an already paid passenger’s right to take a journey when it is preferable to do, as long as there’s a concrete route on concrete day and a free seat in a coach.

1.18. Carry-on – small personal things, which don’t exceed the size of 45 cm х 35 cm х 20 cm (from 01.06.2015.) and are of the weight up to 5 kg (outwear, handbag, a bottle of water, an umbrella, a notebook, etc.) Carry-on may be placed under feet, or on coach-shelves. Passenger himself is responsible for his carry-on during the journey, as long as during the stops and border-crossing time.

1.19. Changes - change of buses during a journey.

1.20. Loyalty system - a program developed by the carrier to provide additional benefits for passengers (discounts, cashback, vouchers). More details on page Loyalty system.

1.21. Mobile application ECOLINES - a software developed to purchase ECOLINES tickets on mobile phones and tablets.

2.1. These regulations determine rights, obligations and responsibilities of both - Carrier and Passengers and are applied for ECOLINES routes. There exist special regulations for the tickets purchased with discounts; they are listed in the ticket. In case of conflict between the regulations printed in ticket and the general conditions, those printed in ticket are only applicable.

2.2. Regulations are a subject to change. Only those regulations valid at the moment of purchase are applicable.

2.3. Extract of regulations printed on the ticket envelopes is for reference purpose only; In case debatable situations have arisen between Passenger and Carrier concerning the application of the present Regulations, the complete text of the Regulations published on www.ecolines.net apply.

2.4. In case any provision of the present Regulations is inconsistent with applicable governing law or juridical regulations, law shall prevail and will be applicable instead of the appropriate provision. The other provisions shall nevertheless remain valid.

2.5. Conditions and regulations of passenger carriage and general conditions of luggage carriage apply to all tickets purchased through the ECOLINES mobile application.

3.1. A Passenger should keep the ticket till the end of journey and display it to the controlling institutions.

3.2. The passenger must arrive at the place of departure of the bus indicated on the ticket no later than 10 minutes before the bus departure time indicated on the ticket.

3.2.1. A Passenger has to display valid travel documents before passing on board. A Passenger is forewarned that in case of refusal to present documents or in case of lack of necessary documents, the carrier is entitled to annul the agreement with Passenger. The Carrier may refuse carriage of any Passenger if the crew has suspect that the travel documents of the Passenger may cause problems or delay while border crossing.

3.2.2. Valid travel documents - documents that allow cross the internal and external borders of the country, with the expiry date which has not run out or will not run out during the journey. Documents are: Passport or ID card of EU citizen to enter and/or transit through the territory of the EU, the Schengen States or other countries, if the domestic law of these countries does not require for a passenger to obtain other travel documents. Passport and visa affixed to this passport - for entry and/or transit through the territory of the country to which the established laws of the country require visa, the migration card. Children's passport, travel document and visa affixed to this passport - to enter and/or travel, stay in the country to which the visa regime, established by the legislation of the country applies. For traveling with children, there may be additional travel documents: birth certificate, notarised authorisation from the parents, divorce certificate, judgment, etc. A list of these documents depends on the laws of the country of entrance. Diplomatic passport, service passport and visa, if required by law or the country of entrance or the transit countries. The Certificate of return (issued by a Council institution).

3.3. If the passenger does not show up to the departure place indicated on the ticket, the trip in one direction (including transfer/bus change) is canceled, money for the canceled trip is not returned.

3.4.1. Arrival time and departure time in all points which are not final destinations, can be found in ECOLINES representative offices or by sending SMS according to the instruction printed in the ticket.

3.4.2. Bus makes stops, according to the timetable, taking into account the force majeure (see p.7.8.1.). All stops’ duration is announced by a stewardess, or a driver. When this time is over, the bus leaves and the passenger who’s late is to continue his journey individually without any recompense.

3.5. It is allowed to carry three pieces of luggage free of charge, the weight of each unit can not exceed 30 kg, and hand luggage which must be in the salon with the passenger. More information in General conditions of luggage carriage.

3.6.1 Additional luggage or cargos are transported for surcharge and only in case of free space in the luggage compartment. Additional item of luggage or cargo is subject to space being available in the luggage compartment of the coach and will be charged as excess luggage. The availability of free space in the luggage compartment will be determined by the coach driver at the check in taking in to account the amount of the passengers apportioned to each destination city as well as other factors.

3.6.2. The Carrier has the right to refuse excess luggage or cargo. If in that case the passenger decides to cancel the journey, the stewardess will make an appropriate note on the ticket of the passenger and the passenger has the right to change the departure date for 10% surcharge. This service is available at ECOLINES representative offices only. These tickets are non-refundable. Detailed information, concerning the transportation of luggage, cargo and the rates, is available in the ECOLINES representative offices, at the crew of the coach and in the Internet www.ecolines.net.

3.7.1. Carrier is responsible only for the presence of the luggage or cargo item, what he has accepted for carriage i.e. Passenger has received appropriate document (luggage sticker), which confirms the receiving of luggage or cargo item. In case the luggage has been fully or partly lost or has been damaged, the liability of the Carrier shall be limited to replacement value of damaged items, with the deduction of amortization, the amount of which can be proved by documents and/or based on other legally qualified method of proof.

3.7.2. Carrier shall have no liability whatsoever for damage to articles not permitted to be contained in Luggage or Cargo under article 3.9.2., as well as for damage to fragile, perishable and not correct packed items, to items having a special value (such as money, documents, electronic or technical devices etc.) items.

3.7.3. Carrier strongly recommends insuring especially valuable items prior to journey. Carrier shall have no liability whatsoever for minor or superficial damage of registered Luggage or Cargo, such us broken wheels and handles, lost safety belts and insignificant damages, such as cuts, scratches, distress marks and stains as a result of normal wear and tear during the course of the Journey. Responsibility for safekeeping of carry-on fully lies on Passenger.

3.8. If the passenger arrives to boarding in dirty clothing or intoxicated (including the consequences of being in narcotic or alcoholic state), behaves inadequately, aggressively or even suspiciously or does not have documents valid for travelling, the carrier has the right to break the agreement of carriage unilaterally. In such cases the passenger is not accepted for boarding, the stewardess, the driver or any other company’ representative marks on the passenger’s ticket the reason of refusal. In case of any objections the passenger may address ECOLINES representative offices with the request to examine the case.

3.9. On the board passengers are forbidden:

3.9.1. To transport animals and birds,

3.9.2. To transport substances and subjects perilous for human life and health and those that may damage passengers’ luggage.

3.9.3. To drink alcoholic drinks.

3.9.4. To smoke on the board (incl. WC).

3.9.5. To disturb the crew or other passengers.

3.9.6. To put legs on the coach seats or cross the aisle between them.

3.9.7. Lie on chairs or on the floor.

3.9.8. In order to ensure the safety of the Passenger himself, and also to avoid causing damage to other passengers and vehicle, it is forbidden to move around the cabin and to stand in the aisle of the bus while the bus is moving.

3.10.1 If during the travel the Passenger has problems with governmental authorities or violates general regulations of carriage, the crew has the right to set the Passenger down the coach independently or contact law-enforcement authority and act according to its indications. No refund is made in such cases.

3.10.2. The Passenger must recompense all the Carrier’s material losses, which the Carrier had to pay in the case of passenger’s arrival to the border-crossing check-point of the destination country (transit country) on the Carriers’ coach without valid documents (valid visa, valid passport, other required documents) which are necessary for border-crossing (transit country).

3.10.3. The Passenger must use the coach’s equipment carefully, supposing not to spoil it. Passenger is responsible materially for the damage done and is to compensate all the losses to the Carrier.

3.11. Special regulations:

3.11.1. Passengers having seat numbers from 1 to 4 in their tickets are obliged to fasten the seatbelts if such exist.

3.11.2. Only passengers older than 14 years are allowed to take seats from 1 to 4.

3.11.3. Children till the age of 12 are allowed to travel only accompanied by an adult. 

3.11.4. / Cancelled 15.05.2018 /

3.11.5. Purchasing several seats for one person, each additional seat is sold with the discount "Pers>60, disabled, additional seat", other discounts are not applicable.

3.11.6. /Cancelled 21.08.2017/

3.11.7. The ticket price when buying on board may differ from the price online or in agencies. There are no discounts or special offers, and these tickets do not participate in the loyalty system.

4.1.1 The Carrier takes responsibility only for the transportation of a passenger to the destination point indicated in the ticket. Insurance of health and luggage should be purchased in insurance agencies individually.

4.1.2. During the journey the Carrier can offer extra services, the presence or absence of which depends on the route and duration of journey - fee-paying (snacks, telephone), free (stewardess, video, WC, air conditioner, plaids, WI-FI, 220V, coffee machine, individual multimedia screens (without headphones), etc.).

4.1.3. Time for Tax Free / Duty Free registration procedure is not included in coaches’ timetable.

4.2.1. All seats in the coach are equally comfortable. Carrier reserves the right to reassign seats at any time without previous warning. This may be necessary because of the change of the coach or in order to insure the safety of other passengers and the crew members and with the aim to guaranty the maximum quality of the carriage.

4.2.2. In the case there are safety belts at seats considered by the producer plant, the passenger has to be fastened.

4.3. If the ticket is purchased with discount, passenger must have documents that confirm applicability of discount. Discounts for specific age categories (children, young persons, and persons older than 60 years) are applied according to the age at the moment of the first journey (outward journey). For students the valid for discount document is ISIC. In case the Passenger cannot provide approval documents that confirm applicability of the discount, he shall not be entitled to take the journey unless he pays the difference between the discount fare and standard one (without discount).

4.4. If the data registered in the ticket does not correspond to the journeys parameters (route, departure time, destination, and tariff category) or documents presented by the Passenger, the passenger is not entitled to take the journey, or has the right to use the journey after making additional charge for the needed changes.

4.5. For an additional charge of 10% of the ticket price it is possible to change the name and (or) the surname of the Passenger before the first journey, keeping other parameters (journey, destination, route and tariff category) intact. This service is only available in ECOLINES representative offices or by the stewardess. It is not possible to change the name and surname on tickets purchased by a member of the loyalty program in his personal account.

4.6. For journeys of ECOLINES carriers (except the Carrier „ Ukrainskie Linii”) before the first (outward) journey it is possible to change destination and departure points within one route. This service is available only in ECOLINES representative offices (except Ukraine). If the new journey costs more, Passenger must pay the difference, however if the new journey costs less – the Carrier does not pay back the difference.

4.7. Lost tickets can be reissued in the agency where it was purchased in accordance with the regulations of that agency. It is not possible to reissue unregistered tickets with „OPEN DATE”. Reissued tickets cannot be nullified, thus no refund for unused journey can be obtained; the date of departure cannot be changed.

4.8. If the passenger has ticket number and security code, ticket can be printed free of charge from ECOLINES website www.ecolines.net. If the person has not the option to print, then boarding card can be obtained from the stewardess, the driver or any career’s representative (except for trips by Carrier „ Ukrainskie Linii”), or in ECOLINES offices (except Ukraine).

4.9. To change the date and time of departure is possible no later than 24 hours before the departure. It is possible in any agency which sells ECOLINES tickets or on the web site www.ecolines.net. ECOLINES representative offices render this service free of charge, but other agencies can apply additional commission in accordance with the regulations of that agency. Changing date by phone call no complaints about mistakenly registered data are accepted.

4.10. Open date

4.10.1. Open date for a journey is possible only for standard tickets, including age categories. Tickets with open date are valid up to 1.5 years, under the date of buying. The period of open date ticket’s validity is pointed in the very ticket. The procedure of opening date is available in agencies or in ECOLINES representatives.

4.10.2. To register the ticket with open date is possible no later than 24 hours in advance before the journey in any selling ECOLINES tickets agency, and also on web www.ecolines.net . Passengers with non-registered open date tickets on ECOLINES carriers routes (except the Carrier ”Ukrainskie Linii”) are taken on board only when free seats are in the coach. In emergency cases open date ticket may be registered by calling +37167274444, and in this case any complaints about data mistakes won’t be accepted.

4.11. For the tickets bought with discounts or during any special offers some limits may be applied, such as: the terms of journey, changing date possibility, journey cancellation possibility. Special offers and discounts may be only in selected countries and with selected currencies.

5.1. The cancellation of journey is possible no later than 1.5 hours before the departure time. If the journey is not canceled in time, no compensation is paid. By buying ticket in both directions, the passenger has the right to cancel the journey completely (both ways) or only the return journey. It is not possible to cancel only outward journey.

5.2. It is possible to cancel the journey:

5.2.1. In the agency where the ticket was purchased.

5.2.2. In emergency cases (if it is impossible to contact the agency where the ticket was purchased before the journey) it is possible to cancel journey in ECOLINES representative offices.

5.2.3. No later than 1.5 hour on www.ecolines.net, in chapter "Cancel journey". A journey annulment is to be rated after getting a confirmation about successful operation.

5.2.4. No later than 1.5 hour by sending SMS according to the instruction in the ticket.. A journey annulment is to be rated after getting a confirmation about successful operation by phone.

5.3. The refund for the unused ticket is paid:

5.3.1. In the agency where the ticket was purchased. To get the refund for the unused ticket the following documents should be provided: the ticket with the refusal of the journey marked in the ticket, the receipt and an ID document.

5.3.2. It is possible to receive money within the following 6 months.

5.3.3. For internet tickets compensation will be transacted to the bank account from which the payment was made in terms up to 15 business days. In cases of any state or national holidays the terms of repayment may be expanded. It doesn’t depend on carrier’s motives.

5.3.4. If the ticket was paid by Yandex-Money, the journey fare is to be refunded within 15 days from the date the administrator has got the application filled by the client. In cases of any state or national holidays the terms of repayment may be expanded. It doesn’t depend on carrier’s motives.

5.3.5. Compensation for tickets purchased with Belarusian rubles online through WEB PAY is transferred to the bank account from which the payment for the tickets was made, in terms up to 15 business days if the payment was made by a card issued by the Belarusian bank, and in terms up to 30 business days if the payment was made by a card issued outside the Republic of Belarus. Compensation for tickets that were purchased through the system of electronic money belgi / АИС Расчет can be received in ECOLINES Belarus office in Minsk, Babrujskaja street 21, room 3 (ул. Бобруйская 21, пом.3) by showing a passport.

6.1. 80% of journey fare shall be refunded if the procedure of trip cancellation was made earlier than 24 hours before the departure time.

6.2. 50% of journey fare shall be refunded if the procedure of trip cancellation was made in period of time within 24 hours till 1.5 hour before the departure time.

6.3. No refund is made after the date and time of the scheduled departure or later than 1.5 hour before departure time.

6.4. If the departure time which is indicated in the ticket is delayed by Carrier, passenger can renounce the ticket. Passenger can receive 100% compensation in the ECOLINES representative offices, if he/she can provide a ticket with a cancellation mark.

6.5. If a journey was cancelled by a Carrier 100% of ticket price is to be issued and a refund of direct costs of journey to the departure point if confirming documents are displayed.

6.6. In case the contact phone number/mobile phone number, that was given by the passenger during the purchase of the ticket, turned out to be not correct or it was not possible to contact the passenger or send a SMS on that number, the Carrier shall have no liability for inability to inform the passenger about any changes concerning the journey. No claims will be accepted in this case.

7.1.1 Claims for deviations of timetable are examined and refunds are made only if they were caused directly by Carrier.

7.1.2. Passenger himself is responsible for the appropriately prepared documents for border-crossing check of the route. In the case of journey refusal, also during border-crossing control, the ticket fare is not refunded and no passengers’ claims are examined.

7.2.1 Claims together with a copy of the ticket (and other documentary evidences) must be addressed to the Carrier serving this route during 30 days after the journey.

7.2.2. The address of that Carrier is available at the agency where the ticket was issued or Carriers’ home page www.ecolines.net. The responsibility for the quality of the service fully lies upon the Carrier, which is indicated in the ticket.

7.2.3. In exceptional cases complaints about the Carriers ECOLINES may be addressed to any ECOLINES representative office (except the Carrier „Ukrainskie linii”) or via e-mail help@ecolines.lv

7.2.4. The agency which accepts and forwards a claim to the Carrier is not responsible for the carrier’s decision about the claim.

7.2.5. All claims are examined in terms up to 30 days from the moment when all the needed documents about the complaint are received. In situation when Passenger sends in a claim and/or its supporting documents in language that is not the official language in Carriers country, terms of examination may be expanded but no more than 15 business days.

7.2.6. The carrier has the right to provide verbal answer to claims, offers and personal questions.

7.3. If a deviation of timetable was caused by Carrier, however passenger chooses to use this journey no claims are accepted about the delay to the point of departure and arrival. If passenger chooses not to use this journey see chapter 6.4.

7.3.1. If the journey was cancelled by Carrier however the Passenger agrees to change the departure date and to use the journey later, no claim for compensation of additional expenses will be accepted. 7.4. Forced stops for technical reasons during the journey:

7.4.1. If the journey terminates for technical reasons and the Carrier is unable to replace coach, then the compensation equal to unused distance according to the price of the ticket is refunded to Passenger or the Carrier compensates the sum, paid for the ticket to another coach (or train journey in second-class carriage, if there is no corresponding coaches on the route) to reach destination city indicated in the ticket.

7.4.2. If the journey continues however the destination city is reached with delay which lasts longer than 10% of total journey time, the Carrier compensates the part of ticket value relative to time difference between planned and actual beginning of 10% delay.

7.5. The Passenger should ask all the information (including information about route, service, ID documents for border crossing, etc.) before the purchase of the ticket. This information can be obtained verbally or in writing in ECOLINES representative offices within the staff’s competence.

7.6. Passenger is obliged to check the accuracy of data registered in the ticket when getting it. Objections concerning accuracy are accepted only in the day of purchase. After that changes in the ticket can be performed only according to chapter 4.5. or 4.6.

7.7. Carrier reserves the right to change or cancel the Journey because of unforeseen circumstances giving a notice to the Passenger by calling on the phone number provided during the purchase of the ticket (for tickets bought in internet – giving a notice to the Passenger by e-mail and / or calling).

7.8. The Carrier is not responsible:

7.8.1. For deviations of timetable, arriving late to the departure point due to circumstances beyond Carrier’s control (including, but not only, weather conditions, traffic rush, government, border crossing etc. and also other passengers’ actions) or other circumstances (technical problems of the bus on the way to the place of departure), which the Carrier, despite the measures taken in advance, could not foresee and prevent.

7.8.2. Any losses that occurred to the passenger, caused by deviations from timetable, except for the cases when these losses were caused by the Carrier’s conscious malicious intent or negligence.

7.8.3. For any route change of transportations, except those marked in ECOLINES ticket. If the passenger do not get in time for further guaranteed changes the Carrier provides an alternative transport.

7.8.4. For any losses that occurred to the passenger, caused by any person’s (including other passengers, transportation participants or crew) criminal actions.

7.8.5. For any problems arising on the border crossings or with the governmental institutions concerning the passenger’s documents (passport, visas, insurance, etc.) or passenger’s luggage content.

7.8.6. For anything left in the coach. Items, found in the coach will be stored at ECOLINES Carrier office, which carried the voyage out. If the found items are perishables, they will be utilised immediately. If the owner of the found items will not be found during 1 month, the found items become a property of the Carrier. For storage of the found items (more than 3 days) the owner has to pay a fee of 50 EUR when getting back his property from the Carrier.

8.1. The validity of some points may be temporally suspended by written notice on the ticket without previous notice.

8.2. Passenger having ticket with notice mentioned in the chapter 8.1. cannot refer to the point of the present regulations, which was valid before special regulations applied. The claims concerning such tickets will not be accepted.

8.3. Boarding on the stops Riga / Airport, Riga (Juglas iela), Riga (Plavnieki-2), Salacgriva, Aizkraukle, Valmiera, Jekabpils, Bauska, Tallinn (Vana-Pääsküla), Parnu, Narva, Kohtla-Jarve, Vilnius (Ukmergės g.), Panevezis is possible ONLY if passenger has previously purchased tickets.

8.4. By purchasing ticket Customer acknowledges that, ECOLINES may use the Customer's e-mail and telephone for marketing purposes, particularly to send the Customer commercial information (free of charge information about discounts and promotions) originating from the ECOLINES by email or SMS.


General conditions of luggage carriage

  1. Terms used in regulations
  2. General conditions
  3. Free transportation of luggage
  4. Luggage for additional surcharge
  5. Transportation of special luggage
  6. Rights to refuse carriage

1.1. Luggage – passenger’s belongings, carried in the luggage compartment.

1.2. Carry-on – small personal things, which don’t exceed the size of 45 cm х 35 cm х 20 cm and are of the weight up to 5 kg (outwear, handbag, a bottle of water, an umbrella, a notebook, etc.).

2.1. The Carrier, while transporting luggage in the luggage compartment, takes full responsibility only for its entity but is not responsible for its safety or technical condition afterwards. Carrier shall have no liability whatsoever for minor or superficial damage of registered luggage or cargo, such as broken wheels and handles, lost safety belts and insignificant damages, such as cuts, scratches, distress marks and stains as a result of normal wear and tear during the course of the Journey. The Passenger is fully responsible for the Carry-on taken in the salon.

2.2. When paying for extra luggage the Passenger receives a payment receipt, on the basis of which the passenger can get a receipt of strict accountability and a cashier's check in the representative offices of ECOLINES. It is forbidden to carry extra luggage without an approving baggage-check.

2.3. Every item of luggage is marked with a sticker with an individual number; a corresponding sticker with the same number is attached to the Passenger's ticket or the duplicate of the Passenger's ticket.

2.4. By placing the luggage in the luggage compartment, the Passenger is aware of the fact that during the whole journey access to it is denied.

2.5. The issuing of the luggage is only possible after showing the corresponding baggage-sticker.

2.6. The Carrier advises the Passengers to insure the luggage.

2.7. The Passenger is fully responsible for the carry-on during the journey as well as during the stops and borders.

2.8. For safety reasons the Carrier has the rights to ask the Passenger to display the contents of the luggage. In case of a refusal the Carrier has the rights to refuse carriage of the Passenger.

2.9. Only accompanied luggage is accepted for carriage.

3.1. It is allowed to carry free of charge:

3.1.1. Carry-on that has to be taken in the salon. Carry-on has to be placed under the seat or on the luggage shelf. It is forbidden to place carry-on in the aisle of salon.

3.1.2. Up to 3 (three) items of luggage, the weight of each unit is not more than 30 kg.

The volume can be be divided into: One item of luggage size of 50 x 50 x 80 cm. Two items of luggage size of 40 x 50 x 50 cm. Three items of luggage size of 20 x 55 x 60 cm.

3.1.3. Passengers childrens – child buggy cart (packed only), if no other luggage is carried with.

3.1.4. Disabled passengers – wheel chair (packed only).

4.1. Any extra luggage is carried only if there is a vacant space in the luggage compartment. The availability of free space in the luggage compartment is determined by the coach driver at the check–in, taking into account the total number of passengers in the bus, the city distribution and other factors. .

4.1.1. The Carrier has the right to refuse to accept the Passenger's additional luggage. If in this case the Passenger decides to cancel the journey, the stewardess makes an appropriate note on the ticket of the Passenger, and the Passenger has the right to change the departure date with a 10% surcharge. This service is only available at ECOLINES representative offices. These tickets are non-refundable.

4.1.2. In the presence of free space on the bus, it is possible to transport no more than 2 units of extra luggage per passenger. In a case of one extra unit, the linear dimensions must not exceed 50*50*80 cm, for two units the linear dimensions of each unit must not exceed 40*50*50 cm.

4.2. Each unit of extra luggage is charged 20 EUR (weight up to 30 kg). In case the payment in made in another currency, the payment is made at the bank's rate in relation to the EUR equivalent.

4.3. For each unit that exceeds the linear dimensions specified in 3.1.2. passenger is charged with a 20 EUR fee. In case the payment in made in another currency, the payment is made at the bank's rate in relation to the EUR equivalent.

4.4. From 15.05. till 15.09. and from 15.12. till 15.01. the transportation of additional luggage is only accepted with a written permission from the Carrier.

5.1. Sports equipment

Sports equipment units are in limited numbers, therefore Passengers needs to inform beforehand, if they plan to travel with any sports equipment.

5.1.1. Bicycles Bicycles (folded and packed) are accepted only with a written permission from Carrier and only in the following routes: Riga – Tallinn, Riga – Tartu, Riga – Vilnius, Riga – Kaliningrad, Riga – Minsk,. Riga – Marijampole, Kaliningrad – Warsaw, Kaliningrad – Gdynia, Tallinn – St.Petersburg. Charge – 30 EUR. The charge can be paid in advance in ECOLINES representative offices. Transportation of bicycles on a different routes are accepted only, if an agreement is made with the Carrier about a separate contract price and the Passenger has obtained a written permission.

5.1.2. Other types of sports equipment

Transportation of sports equipment is accepted only, if an agreement is made with the Carrier about a separate contract price and the Passenger has obtained a written permission.

Maximum line size cannot exceed 1,80 m.

5.1.3. Scooters (GyroScooters, unicycles) and electric scooters

Scooters and electric scooters are accepted for transportation only in folded and packaged form and with a written permission from carrier.

If passenger in the luggage compartment carries only folded and packaged scooter/ electric scooter or the total luggage, including this equipment, does not exceed the number and size of baggage allowed for transportation free of charge (see paragraph 3.1.2), written permission from carrier is optional.

If the linear dimensions of the packaged equipment do not exceed the dimensions of 50 x 50 x 80 cm and the weight is 30 kg, the cost of transporting a scooter/ electric scooter is 20 EUR.

If at least one of the linear dimensions of the packaged equipment exceeds the dimensions of 50 x 50 x 80 cm, or the packaged equipment weighs more than 30 kg, the cost of transportation is 30 euros.

5.2. Musical instruments

5.2.1. Musical instruments, the sizes of which exceeds the size of carry-on, are accepted for carriage only with the Carrier’s written permission. If the size of an instrument allows to be placed in the salon (guitar, cello etc.) the Passenger has to pay for the additional seat next to the Passenger. If the Passenger takes decision to put the instrument into the luggage compartment (payment according to p.4.2.), the Passenger takes full responsibility for the musical instrument safety and operating condition.

6.1. The carrier does not accept for carriage in the luggage compartment large appliances: building materials, car parts, furniture, household and electrical technique (refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, electric and gas stoves, TV, video and music systems, etc.).

6.2. The Carrier has the rights to refuse luggage carriage if:

6.2.1. The structure, shape, smell or character of luggage can harm or stain the luggage of other passengers, the salon or the luggage compartment of the coach; or can disturb other passengers or the crew.

6.2.2. The crew suspects that the content of the luggage may cause delays on borders.

6.2.3. If the passenger refuses to pay for luggage that exceeds the allowed volume or linear dimensions for free-of-charge transportation, and screams, cries, behaves provocatively or in any other way expresses emotionally or physically his dissatisfaction to the crew when boarding the bus, when an surcharge is asked for additional luggage or the crew has refused to transport additional luggage.


Amendments to the rules of carriage of passengers for tickets purchased on the Internet

For tickets purchased on the Internet after 09/06/2016 the general conditions of passenger and luggage carriage are valid, if they do not conflict with the additional conditions. If the information between the conditions of passenger carriage and the additional conditions vary, then on these tickets applies the additional conditions.

The following tariff categories can be applied to the tickets:

  • Adults (19 - 59 years)
  • Children (0 - 12 years)
  • Teens/ISIC (13 - 18 years, owner of ISIC card)
  • Seniors/Disabled (over 60 years, disability certificate)

Refund for unused ticket (Conditions and regulations of passenger carriage, section 6)

  • By purchasing a ticket with 2 journeys, additional "discount for 2 journeys" applies to both journeys.
  • If the passenger cancels one of the journeys, passenger loses the rights for "discount for 2 journeys". In this case the remaining journey is shown in the ticket without the discount. Refund for the unused journey will be calculated, based on the amount of the difference between the compensated first journey and the standard price.
  • For tickets purchased on the Internet till 09/06/2016 in a case of a first journey cancellation applies procedure after p.3.2. additional conditions.
  • The passenger is obligated to check the information on the tickets after receiving them. If there are more than 24 hours left before the journey, passenger can cancel the journey no later than 12 hours after the purchase of the ticket and get a refund of 100% of the ticket value. The money is refunded in accordance with the conditions and regulations of passenger carriage (p.5.3.3.. 5.3.4., 5.3.5.)..

Travel of passengers with limited mobility and disability

1. Exceptions and limitations
1.1. This section of rules refers to routes made by carriers SIA “Norma-A”, OU “Ecolines Estonia”, UAB “Transinesta”, Z.o.o. “Ecolines-Polska”. On routes that are carried out by other carriers under the ECOLINES sign different rules may be provided. For more detailed information please contact in advance with the carrier carrying the specific trip.
1.2. On-board it is possible to use a wheelchair as the passenger's seat if it corresponds to DIN EN12183 or DIN EN12184 standards, is equipped with a locking system according to DIN 75078-2, and its dimensions does not exceed the width 67cm, length 100xm, total weight - 250kg.
1.3. If the wheelchair corresponds to different standards, is adapted or has individual construction, the change must be documented and verified by the manufacturer that this construction can be used as a passenger's seat on-board.
1.4. Based on the characteristics of the bus, only 1 (one) wheelchair can be used on-board as a passenger's seat.
1.5. In the luggage compartment in a put together state can be carried 1 (one) packed wheelchair whose dimensions do not exceed the following: width 65 - 67 cm, length 100 - 120 cm, height 70 - 80 cm, weight up to 200 kg.
1.6. Bus stations, bus stops and any other place of boarding and disembarking for passengers, as well as border points, are not included in the responsibility of carriers. Carriers have limited information about the conditions of passengers with limited mobility and disability.
1.7. Transportation services can be carried out by any route of carriers through the territory of the European Union. For trips to third countries, as well as for trips with transfers to other carriers, restrictions might be possible.

2. Informing the carrier

A/ Time and information submitting method:
2.1. If the passenger's travel options are limited, the passenger cannot walk and it is a necessary to use a wheelchair as a seat on-board, the passenger or his representative must notify the carrier in advance, no later than 7 days before the beginning of the trip.
2.2. If the passenger with limited mobility or disability can independently or with the help of the accompanying person board or disembark the bus and use the standard passenger's seat on-board, the passenger or his representative must notify the carrier no later than 36 hours before the beginning of the trip.
2.3. We recommend contacting the carrier 7 to 10 days before the scheduled trip, due to the possible need of clarifying the information provided by the passenger in order to provide a more convenient and safer service.
2.4. To inform the carrier according to clauses 2.1. and/or 2.2. the passenger or his representative/attendant must turn up to any authorized representative office of ECOLINES carriers on working days from 9:00 till 18:00.
2.5. Information about the intended trip may also be sent to the carrier's informative e-mail. Information sent electronically is assumed as received from the first working day at 9:00 after the application has been sent or after receiving a confirmation notice from the carrier.
2.6. If the passenger or his representative informed the carrier about the trip only by phone, claims of possible errors are not be accepted.
2.7. Responsibility for the timely transfer of information to the carrier regarding the travel of a passenger with a disability shall be assumed by the ticket sales agency receiving the passenger application.
2.8. The trip information submitted to the ticket sales agency is assumed to have been received by the carrier only with the written acknowledgment of receipt by the carrier.
2.9. When informing carriers of an intended trip, the passenger must take into account the holidays and non-working time.

B/ Information from the passenger:
2.10. The passenger must provide the carrier with the following:
- route and planned date of trip,
- a copy of the ticket or ticket number (if the ticket has already been booked),
- information on accompanying /ticket number (if the passenger travels with someone together),
- can the passenger independently or with the help of another person board and disembark from the bus,
- can the passenger despite physical restrictions use the passenger's seat on-board or does he need a wheelchair,
- information on the transportation of necessary aids and orthopedic means in the luggage compartment and their dimensions (for example, a wheelchair, a walking frame (folded only), etc.);
- the number of luggage units except the wheelchair,
- contact number.
2.11. In order to confirm that a guide dog is needed during the trip, the passenger must provide the relevant documents stating that the dog has been trained to accompany the blind or persons with disabilities.
2.12. In order to ensure a safe trip, the carrier has the rights to request from the passenger documents certifying wheelchair compliance with clauses 1.2. and 1.3. standards. If the chair does not meet the requirements, it cannot be used as a seat on-board and the right of transportation loses its power.

3. Payment for the trip
3.1. Passengers with limited mobility and disability can book, change and cancel tickets on the same terms as other passengers.
3.2. When passenger with a disability changes the date or cancels the trip he must inform the carrier.
3.3. In case of a date change of trip, the previous arrangements for a particular trip lose their powers. Information to the carrier about the new date of trip is given in accordance with the clauses of section 2. "Informing the carrier".
3.4. Person accompanying passenger with limited mobility and disability (using a wheelchair) is provided with a separate free ticket.
3.5. For the guide dog a separate seat must be booked by choosing the tariff plan "Children" (50% discount on the ticket).
3.6. If the accompanying person submits documents proving the need for constant accompaniment of the passenger, the carrier company may provide, as a gesture of goodwill, an additional discount for the trip to the accompanying person. The carrier has the right to refuse to give any additional discount without explanation.

4. Cancellation of the trip
4.1. Passengers with limited mobility and disability and their accompanying persons are subject to every single clause of the terms and conditions of the carriage of passengers and luggage.
4.2. If the passenger has not informed the carrier of his trip and luggage (clause 2.), the carrier will endeavor to do everything possible to ensure the journey but reserves the right to refuse the passenger a trip if it is believed that this journey may affect the comfort and safety of the passenger.
4.3. The carrier has the right to refuse trip to the passenger or to propose alternatives if the information previously provided by the passenger is significantly different from the actual information, for example, information about the passenger, route and time of trip, size of aids, undeclared wheelchairs, etc.
4.4. In situations when the passenger has not provided true information about his journey and luggage, the carrier cannot guarantee free space for passenger's aids in the luggage compartment

5. Other
5.1. For passengers with limited mobility, the carrier recommends traveling with friends, relatives or other attendants who could help if necessary. Buses run long distances between stops, and the bus crew will not be able to always stop the bus to assist the passenger in moving around the cabin of the bus and on the stairs to visit the lavatory.

Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy and permission to use data

Protecting your personal data is very important to us. Therefore, ECOLINES pays special attention to the protection of personal data, and at the time of data collection, processing and use strictly adheres to the requirements of the regulations of the European Union and national legislation of data protection.
By agreeing with the Privacy Policy set forth below, you grant ECOLINES an unambiguous, voluntary permission to collect, process and use your personal data in the ECOLINES system. You can withdraw your consent at any time with an action in the future.

2. Collection, processing and use of personal data.

ECOLINES will use the information received to realize economic relations and mutual settlements with the utmost respect and accuracy.
The data can be collected for the following purposes: issuing tickets and providing transportation services, paying for tickets, invoicing, migration and customs controls, administrative and legal actions, maintaining and developing system, programs for loyal customers, working with agents and clients, etc.
For the purchase of tickets and the provision of transportation services, we collect the following personal data: name, surname, contact phone number of the passenger, e-mail address (for online purchases).
Sometimes, to issue a ticket, the route of which implies crossing the border with the EU, passport data is needed. This data is not stored in ECOLINES.
When paying for a ticket using a bank card, the data of the payer card is not entered on the ECOLINES page, the payment is formed and authorized on the SIA "Worldwide Latvia" (SIA "First Data Latvia") page.
When paying for a ticket using payment systems, the payment details are not saved.
The data in the required volume to fulfill the obligations and carry out the transportation can be transferred to the carrier companies.
In justified cases, we reserve the right to transfer customer data to law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and other organizations involved in the organization of the trip, which may include the transfer of data outside the EU. ECOLINES will make every effort that in cases where the client's personal data is transferred abroad, the data has been provided with a proper degree of protection.
Personal data processing means any action performed in the ECOLINES information system and/or personal data files related to the storage, updating, use and deletion of data about You.

3.  Direct marketing and news distribution

We can use the information You have provided (for example, an e-mail address) for marketing and communication purposes, in particular for informing about various promotions and other offers from ECOLINES carriers. You can at any time refuse such use of Your data.
When subscribing to the newsletter, Your email address will be used to contact You, for example, to send service or system messages, letters, confirmation of registration, information about tickets, etc.
ECOLINES does not transfer personal data to third parties for promotional purposes.
On its website, ECOLINES uses cookies - files containing certain settings for exchange between your browser and our system. These files help us to customize the site according to your needs and increase usability.
Cookies can be stored or ignored, depending on the settings of your browser.

5. Member's personal cabinet

On the ECOLINES page, you can create a personal member account for the loyalty system, password-protected. In the office you can see the history of purchases, get personal offers from the carrier, etc.
Required fields marked with an asterisk (*) that contain personal information are used exclusively for creating and processing the account.
Information (name, surname) will also be used to automatically enter data for subsequent ticket purchases. If desired, you can also specify the mobile phone number for sending notifications in case of bus delays or route changes.

6. Mobile application ECOLINES

We also offer developed software for purchasing ECOLINES tickets on mobile phones and tablets. By purchasing a ticket using a mobile application, the same conditions apply to the protection, processing and use of data, as well as on the ECOLINES website.
Token bank cards for quick payments are stored only on the user's device provided its voluntary and unambiguous consent for storage.

7. Data security

To protect the privacy of users of our site and related systems, we offer a high level security.
To ensure a safe transfer of data over the network, we use the SSL 3.0 encryption protocol, the RSA-2048 encryption algorithm.
To protect the interests of the client we provide:
- fair and legal processing of data,
- data processing only in accordance with the specified purpose and in the required volume,
- a kind of personal data storage, which provides the ability to identify the passenger at any appropriate time. Which does not exceed the period intended for the originally specified purpose of data processing,
- the accuracy of personal data and its timely update, correction or deletion if the data is incomplete or inaccurate.

8. Links to third party websites

This privacy policy applies exclusively to the ECOLINES website. Since our site may have links to other Internet pages, we recommend that you read the Privacy Policy of these pages before you specify the data there. We are not responsible for the data specified when visiting other sites.

9. Terms and conditions of Privacy Policy
We proceed from the premise that before using our website or joining our loyalty system, You have read and accepted terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy. We reserve the right, if necessary, to amend the main terms of the Privacy Policy.
To solve all the issues and problems related to the Privacy Policy or data processing, and if the client wants to refuse to receive commercial notifications or completely delete data from his personal cabinet, please contact us at help@ecolines.lv

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