Force majeure

Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia (list of countries is in update mode), completely closed their borders for entry to foreigners. ECOLINES buses to and from these countries have been suspended until further notice by state institutions!All tickets purchased remain valid and will be reissued for tickets with an open date. When traffic to closed countries will be resumed, passengers will be able to change the date and open the date on the tickets independently on the website

Due to coronavirus, offices do not work. Please send all questions to the e-mail address:


Transportation of luggage

free luggage


When planning your next trip you can plan tu take cabin luggage (līdz 5kg),
as well as 2 items of luggage and the weight of each item is up to 30 kg.

The volume can be divided into:

One bag size of 50 x 50 x 80 cm.
Two bags size of 65 x 30 x 45 cm.

Passengers- children – child buggy cart (packed only), if no other luggage is carried with.
Disabled passengers – wheel chair (packed only).

Before your next trip please read conditions of luggage carriege
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