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Media Center

Lean back and relax while browsing trough the many possibilities our Media Center offers. Get swept up into a movie, relax with our diverse music collection, surf the web or play classic games - all free of charge.

Media center ECOLINES


From romantic love stories to chilling horror films - everyone can find something to watch while traveling with Ecolines. Need some laugh during the trip? Check out our movie library for hilarious comedies!  


Sit back and relax while Ecolines song collection will takes you to another dimension. Choose between many different type of genres - classics, jazz, rock and many more.


Still don't have an idea how to play Minesweeper? Let's try to figure out the game together! Ecolines offers a collection of classic games to take your mind off the road.  


Let your imagination run wild and free by listening to Ecolines collection of audio books! For our smallest passengers we're offering fairy tales.