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Loyalty system

How the new loyalty system works? For each booked ticket you receive 15%* back. It is converted to loyalty money with what you can pay for you next trip. The cashback varies depending on your loyalty level.

10% 11%12% 13% 15%
to 250 500 € 750 € 1000 € > 1000 €

* The percentage of return may vary depending on the selected route.

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Terms and Conditons Ecolines loyalty system

Questions on the loyalty system and use of personal account: [email protected]

1. The terms

1.1. ECO-bonus - the amount on the passenger's account in «euro», which can be accumulated, received, spend while purchasing a ticket.

1.2. ELS member - a passenger, registered in the ECOLINES loyalty system, who has received a login and a password in order for identification and purchase of a ticket.

1.3. ELS members personal account - a place to see information about the program, purchase history, accumulated ECO-bonuses, and a place to receive personal offers from carrier.

1.4. ELS offers - an initiative from the carrier to provide the passenger with additional benefits from participating in the loyalty system. The offer can consist of discounts on the price of the ticket, by paying with passengers ECO-bonuses from the loyalty system, vouchers for a certain amount of journeys. The offers may have a quantitative restriction, monetary restraint or be temporary.

2. ELS member registration. Login and password

2.1. Registration of a new ELS member is possible only on the carriers home page in the My Bonus section. Registration is free and accessible to all. Registration of a new ELS participant in agencies or ECOLINES representative offices is not provided.

2.2. Corporate clients are registered through the administrator of the ELS system according to the sent documents.

2.3. When registering in the loyalty system, the client must indicate the first and last name in accordance with the data in the passport / foreign passport; when buying a ticket, client's name and surname are filled in automatically according to the specified data in the system.

2.4. Login and password are tied to the personal account of the ELS member.

2.5. The company recommends using a valid e-mail as login, to which a confirmation email with the ELS member profile is sent. Client chooses the password independently.

2.6. A valid e-mail allows to retrieve a forgotten or lost password of the members ELS personal account. Restoration of access to the personal account occurs for a fee of 5 ECO-bonuses, which is automatically debited from the ELS account.

2.7. In case of using a virtual (non-existing) e-mail as a login, it is not possible to recover the password of the personal account and the access to the personal account is closed. Claims for non-recoverable access to the personal account and lost accumulated ECO-bonuses are not accepted. In this case a member needs to register again.

2.8. A valid e-mail will allow representatives of the company to provide the client with feedback if necessary.

3. The process of buying a ticket and canceling a ticket for an ELS member

3.1. If only a login is specified when booking a ticket, a partial authorization of the members loyalty system is available. A partial authorization allows the passenger to choose a tariff plan, receive general promotional offers and general offers for the ELS members, as well as information on the amount of ECO-bonuses calculated for the purchase.

3.2. A partial authorization is also available when booking a ticket at ECOLINES representative offices or agencies. By booking a ticket in office, client only receives accumulative offers of the loyalty system. The accumulation of euro-bonuses takes place after the journey. Payment for tickets with ECO-bonuses from members account in the offices is not available.

3.3. If a login and password is specified during the purchase of the ticket, the member of the system receives access to the personal account, general offers from carrier, and special offers.

3.4. Partial payment for the ticket with ECO-bonuses is only available from the members personal ELS account.

3.5. All actions in the loyalty system, including the accumulation of ECO-bonuses if they are provided for the journey, occurs only during the purchase of the ticket online. After completing the purchase process, it is not possible to charge ECO-bonuses or receive ELS offers.

3.6. For tickets purchased on the bus, the loyalty system offers do not apply, ECO-bonuses are not accumulated.

3.7. When a customer is authorized in the system, the passengers name and surname is automatically filled in the needed fields. If the journey is planned to be carried out by several ELS members, each client must be authorized in the system and received a registered ticket.

3.8. In case of a cancellation of an earlier purchased ticket, all accumulated ECO-bonuses for the ticket are deducted from the passengers account automatically. If the ticket was purchased with ECO-bonuses, upon the cancellation of the ticket, the withdrawn ECO-bonuses are returned to the passengers account.

3.9. For tickets purchased in currencies other than the euro (EUR), ECO-bonuses or other ELS offers are accumulated or withdrawn at the exchange of the rate of the respective currency to the euro.

3.10. The members of the loyalty program are subjected to all ECOLINES passenger and luggage transportation regulations.

3.11. If there is more than one login per passenger, the ECO-bonuses and special offers do not sum up.

4. Exceptions and limitations

4.1. ELS loyalty program does not apply to journeys operated by carriers Klaipedos AP, Minsktrans, Pinskiy AP.

4.2. Information on possible restrictions on the change of the date of journey, cancellation of the ticket and other actions on the ticket is available when choosing the price offer for the journey. When choosing an ELS proposal containing a restriction, the passenger can not in the future refer to the lack of information. Information on the restrictions for the journey is also indicated on the ticket.

4.3. Name and surname change on a ticket that is booked by a member of the loyalty program is not available.

4.4. If the data in the ELS program ticket does not coincide with the data of the travel document (another passenger) while boarding the bus, the ticket of the member in the loyalty program is considered invalid, and to travel by bus the passenger must buy a new ticket. Money for the original ticket is not returned.

5. Confidentiality

5.1. Carriers ECOLINES respect the rights to a privacy of every passenger.

5.2. By registering or re-registering a member in the loyalty program, the client confirms that the information he has provided about himself to the carrier has been given voluntarily.

5.3. Carrier undertakes to use the information only in order to provide passengers with several possible proposals for their journeys.