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Berlin → Warsaw (Centralna) 43.00 EUR


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Travel Berlin - Warsaw (Centralna) with ECOLINES buses. Comfortable seats, tablet - movies, music. WC, WiFi, 220V, drinks - coffee, tea. 2 free bags. To find out ticket price and bus schedule, please visit the sales system.

Planning a return?

Book your return ticket Warsaw (Centralna) - Berlin for the same price as in this offer.

Bus schedule Berlin - Warsaw (Centralna)

Bus stops

Departure Berlin:
Arrival Warsaw (Centralna):
Berlin - Warsaw (Centralna)4.6/5 (92%) 18 votes

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Information about route Berlin — Warsaw (Centralna):

-Distance between cities — 576 km.
-Average time on road in route Berlin — Warsaw (Centralna): -.
-Time zones difference between the cities Berlin and Warsaw (Centralna) - 0 hours.

Useful information:

• You can buy bus tickets online , one in of our ECOLINES local offices , in travel sales agencies which sells our tickets or onboard.

Free luggage and general conditions of luggage carriage.

• In order to buy a ticket cheaper or get it for free in the future, sign up for ECOLINES loyalty system. After collecting engough BONUS points for a discount, you can buy ticket with 50% or 100% discount.

We hope you will choose to travel Berlin — Warsaw (Centralna) with ECOLINES and have a comfortable trip!