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Force Majeure

Czech Republic, Poland,Ukraine, Russia, Finland (list of countries is in update mode), completely closed their borders for entry to foreigners. ECOLINES buses to and from these countries have been suspended until further notice by state institutions!All tickets purchased remain valid and will be reissued for tickets with an open date. When traffic to closed countries will be resumed, passengers will be able to change the date and open the date on the tickets independently on the ecolines.net website




At the moment the count of company’s buses is more than 200. These buses are designed for safe and comfortable journeys. All international routes are served by coaches Neoplan, MAN and Setra, which according to International Road Transport Union classification (IRU) conform to 4 star class.

Personal media devices (internet access, movies, music, games)Free WiFiFree coffee or teaReclining seats with large leg spaceFood on board - hot and cold meals, beveragesPower supply at each seat (220 V)Air condititionerAttendantWCTransportation of up to three luggage units

For passengers’ convenience the distance between the seats is widened and buses are equipped with:

  • air condition
  • internet access (WiFi)
  • chemical WC
  • electric sockets (220V)
  • multimedia devices







Moreover, there is a telephone in each bus, to which persons who meet passengers can call to precise time of arrival or bus stop, as well as those who are in the bus, if necessary, can use it for certain fare. For children and seniors there are plaid blankets.

Routes longer than 350 km are serviced by stewardess (in rare cases may be absent). During your journey stewardess controls discipline and order on board, helps passengers to get acquainted with bus equipment, turns on video, for certain fare provides with different snacks, cold and hot drinks.

On routes from Schengen countries to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus stewardess provides passengers with migration cards (blanks) and assists its filling in, as well as supervises the process of border control so that all passengers successfully got back to their seats. But considering all mentioned stewardess is not responsible for possible problems caused by passenger’s invalid documents or forbidden luggage, as well as for passenger’s behaviour during border control.

During journey technical stops are guaranteed every 4 – 4,5 h, if it doesn’t contradict driving regulations and doesn’t endanger passengers’ safety and luggage.

In emergency and if there are free seats, ticket can be purchased on board at a stewardess, but be ready that ticket price can be a little bit higher than online or in agency.

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