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Extra luggage

It is possible to request the carriage of additional / non-standard baggage for trips on the ECOLINES carrier by filling out this form

I confirm that the information provided in this form is accurate. I confirm that I have read and agree with the general rules of the Carrier regarding transportation of luggage. The Carrier, while transporting luggage in the luggage compartment, takes full responsibility only for its entity but is not responsible for its safety or technical condition afterwards. Carrier shall have no liability whatsoever for minor or superficial damage of registered luggage or cargo, such as broken wheels and handles, lost safety belts and insignificant damages, such as cuts, scratches, distress marks and stains as a result of normal wear and tear during the course of the Journey. In the period from 15.05 to 15.09 and from 15.12 to 15.01 the carriage of additional baggage is limited