Join BONUS program - free registration.

With every ticket you buy, you earn BONUS points according to the price of the ticket. You can receive a free ticket or for a half of the price when you have collected necessary amount of the BONUS points.

1. When purchasing tickets you must present your bonus card/code to the ticket operator. You will see the amount of bonus points received for purchasing the ticket, as well as the total amount of points on your printed ticket. 1 point is equal to 1 EUR (one euro) spent when purchasing the ticket.

2. Passenger should know his BONUS code and call it to operator purchasing the ticket.

3. If BONUS code has been forgotten it could be renewed for extra charge 5 EUR.

4. BONUS code is deleted automatically if no one bonus point was collected during 3 months from date of registration. If it happens new registration should be made like it shown on point 1.

1. When you by a ticket, you have to give your Bonus code to the sales operator. The bonus points will be added to your account automatically. You can see the amount of collected Bonus points on the ticket.

1.1. If on the moment of purchase of the ticket employee of the agency refuses to add the Bonus points, the passenger has to ask a written notice of this refusal (remark on the ticket) and apply with this document at any of Ecolines representative offices. Otherwise after the purchase of the ticket, claim of the passenger regarding not added Bonus points will not be considered.

1.2. If the passenger has several Bonus cards on his name, the Bonus points from these different cards are not added up.

2. If you buy the ticket on-line, in the step where name and surname is required tick “Bonus” and put down your bonus code. It is important to give your Bonus code, before purchasing the ticket in order to collect Bonus points.

3. If you nullify the ticket, the Bonus points will be withdrawn automatically.

4. BONUS points can be added during the process of purchasing ticket only.

1. You can find information about the necessary amount of points for any free journey on the together with prices.

2. You can check your account on-line on in section “Your Bonuses” to see the amount of collected points as well as the possible free journeys according to the collected amount.

1. When you have collected necessary amount of Bonus points, you can get your free ticket in any of agencies listed here, that has got the mark BONUS.

2. You can cover 50% fare by BONUS points. You pay 50% of the regular fare in accordance with tariff type (children, student etc.) and 50% of the Bonus points that are necessary for BONUS journey will be charged from your account. In this case, you will not receive additional Bonus points for the part you have paid with money.

3. Following conditions and exceptions regarding the Bonus programm shall be taken into consideration:

3.1. To destinations in Ukraine can be only covered by 50% fare with Bonus points.

3.2. For the lines operated by the carriers "Klaipedos AP", "Minsktrans" the bonus points can be neither collected, nor used for a free of charge ticket.

4. Change the date of journey on Bonus ticket is permitted. In case of cancellation of ticket, bonus points are nonrefundable.