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Daugavpils → Kyiv (Vydubychi)

Ecolines Multimedia


Ecolines Wi-Fi


Ecolines 220v


Ecolines Coffee


Ecolines Conditioner


Ecolines wc


Travel Daugavpils - Kyiv (Vydubychi) with ECOLINES buses. Comfortable seats , tablet - movies, music. WC, WiFi, 220V, drinks - coffee, tea. 3 free bags.

Services are available depending on the equipment in bus.

Bus schedule Daugavpils - Kyiv (Vydubychi)

Bus stops

Departure Daugavpils:
Arrival Kyiv (Vydubychi):
Daugavpils - Kyiv (Vydubychi)4.4/5 (88%) 7 votes

Information about route Daugavpils — Kyiv (Vydubychi):

-Ticket price for bus Daugavpils — Kyiv (Vydubychi) in sales system by selecting the date and time of travel.
-Distance between cities Daugavpils and Kyiv (Vydubychi)-864 km.
-Average time on road in route Daugavpils — Kyiv (Vydubychi): 16 h 40 min.
-Time difference between the cities Daugavpils and Kyiv (Vydubychi) - 0 hours.

Bus Daugavpils — Kyiv (Vydubychi) is equipped with the following additional services:
multimedia screens, free WiFi, air conditioning, hot drinks and meals. These services are partially available on all routes. Specify their availability and accessibility in our offices or in social networks.

You can save your time and buy ticket for bus Daugavpils — Kyiv (Vydubychi) online or in one of our offices. When buying a ticket online you have to choose the route, departure date, number of passengers and click "Search". In the same way you can check seat availability on the route Daugavpils — Kyiv (Vydubychi). Buying a ticket for bus Daugavpils — Kyiv (Vydubychi) is possible in 8 different currencies: EUR, PLN, BGN, RUB, UAH, GBP, CZK, BYN.

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