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The most detailed information about possibilities of modifying your ticket reservation and luggage carriage is available in ECOLINES offices or on website ecolines.net.

  1. Where and for which currency can I buy bus ticket?
  2. Is it possible to change date of departure?
  3. Is it possible to change departure/destination point?
  4. How can I cancel online bought ticket and get refund?
  5. May I get on board without printed ticket?
  6. Is it possible to cancel journey?
  7. Is it possible to nullify unused ticket? What is the refund?
  8. How many bags can I take on board?
  9. What if my luggage is larger than allowed?
  10. Can I send some parcel with your bus?
  11. Which services are included in ticket price?
  12. What if I lost my ticket?
  13. While purchasing ticket I didn’t display my bonus card. How can I get points?
  14. Why should I display my passport to go, for example, to Lithuania? There are no borders within Schengen area.

Bus ticket can be purchased online on company’s home page ecolines.net On the website you can pay in EUR, PLN, BGN, RUB (+Яndex-money), UAH, GBP, CZK, BYR (www.ecolines.by payments with Webpay or Easypay). .

Or you can buy ticket in one of ECOLINES representative offices or at any agency which sells ECOLINES tickets.

The date can be changed for free earlier than 24 h before the departure. As well as in the same period of time it is possible to open date and use this ticket during 1,5 years from sale date.

If from 24 hours till 1.5 hours are left till the departure time, the date can only be changed in office with a 50% surcharge of the ticket value.

If it is less than 1,5 h before the departure, the date cannot be changed.

If a ticket is bought durind a discount, discount terms are applied.

It is possible to change departure/destination point before the outward journey and if real and needed points are within one route. (excepting carriers Abildskou, Elbrus-Trans, Klaipedos AP, MINSKTRANS, Pinskiy AP, Uklines) This service is available only in ECOLINES representative offices. If modified ticket is more expensive, passenger has to pay the difference. If the modified ticket is cheaper, the difference is not refunded.

If needed departure/destination point is within other route, the ticket should be nullified in accordance with terms and conditions, and new one should be purchased.

In case of ticket cancellation, if the ticket was paid by Yandex-Money, administrator will personally send the return form. In case of ticket cancellation, if the ticked was paid by UAH, you need to download return form from webpage ecolines.ua (return ticket), or any of the documents in Вконтакте webpage profile (entry for ticket cancellation), or administrator will personally send the return form, which has to be filled and sent back to the shown administrator email in the form.

Yes, you may board bus without printed ticket. Please print the ticket form ecolines.net by entering ticket number and security code.

But, if you failed to print out ticket, it is possible to receive from stewardess duplicate ticket on board, it is necessary to name ticket number and security code to a stewardess (not accepted for carriers Abildskou, Elbrus-Trans, Klaipedos AP, MINSKTRANS, Pinskiy AP, Uklines.)

6. Is it possible to cancel journey?

To cancel journey is possible not later than 1 h before the scheduled time of departure. If cancelling journey was not done in termed time, ticket will not be refunded. If it is a return ticket, both directions can be nullified at once or only the return journey. If ticket was purchased using Bonus points (50% or 100%), bonus points are non-refundable.

To cancel journey is possible:

  1. in the agency where ticket was purchased
  2. in emergency cases when passenger cannot reach the agency where ticket was purchased, it is possible to cancel journey in any ECOLINES representative offices
  3. not later than 1,5 h  before the scheduled departure on website ecolines.net in the section “Your ticket”
  4. not later than 1,5 h  before the scheduled departure by sending SMS according to the instruction in the ticket

If a ticket is bought durind a discount, discount terms are applied.

The refund for unused ticket is made in that agency where ticket was purchased. Ticket with in time made cancellation, receipt and person identification document should be displayed. (passport or driving license).

80% of ticket price is refunded if journey was cancelled earlier than 24 h before departure time.

50% of ticket price is refunded if journey was cancelled in period of time within 24 h till 1 h before departure time.

No refund is made later than 1 h before or any time after departure.

If departure is delayed by carrier, passenger can renounce the ticket and get 100% refund. The refund will be paid out during 6 months from the date of renouncing; ticket with cancellation confirmation should be displayed in agency.

For free one passenger is allowed to carry 3 items of luggage the total volume of which is not more than baggage and weight for each unit up to 30 kg, and hand-luggage with weight up to 5 kg and dimensions – 45 cm х 35 cm х 20 cm (from 01.06.2015.).

The volume of 0,2 m3 can be divided:

  • One bag with dimensions 50*50*80 cm
  • Or two bags with dimensions 40*50*50 cm
  • Or three bags with dimensions 20*55*60 cm

Any extra unit of luggage or cargo is carried only in case of vacant space in the luggage compartment and for extra charge. The availability of free space in luggage compartment is determined by the coach driver during check in, taking into account the amount of passengers apportioned to each destination city as well as other factors. Carrier has the right to refuse carrying excess luggage or cargo. In this case, if passenger decides to renounce journey, stewardess makes a note on the ticket and passenger with this marked ticket can change date for extra charge of 10% from ticket price. This service is available only in ECOLINES representative offices. Such tickets are non-refundable.

According to ECOLINES terms and conditions any cargo is not carried without passenger.

Ticket price includes only carrying of passenger and his/her luggage from departure to destination point indicated in the ticket.

During trip carrier can offer extra services (stewardess, video, WC, condition, plaids, etc.) the availability or absence of which depend on direction and duration of the route (Charged services – meals, telephone).

During journey technical stops are guaranteed every 4 – 4,5 h, if it doesn’t contradict driving regulations and doesn’t endanger passengers’ safety and luggage.

Lost ticket can be restored in that agency where the ticket was purchased in accordance with agency’s terms and conditions, or in any ECOLINES representative for free.

Lost tickets with open date cannot be restored. Restored tickets are non-refundable, as well as date of departure cannot be changed.

Bonus points are added only at the moment of purchasing ticket online on the website www.ecolines.net, there is no other possible means to add points. As well as bonus points are not added for the tickets purchased on board at a stewardess.

ECOLINES coaches are international and, in spite of the fact that countries are in one Schengen area, at check in to the bus passenger has to display valid travelling documents – passport, valid visa (for the journeys for which it is demanded), or any other document which allows to cross border. For the journeys within European Union borders EU residents may display ID card.

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